Testimonial 2

“Because of a condition that leads to significant restriction of eyesight, I underwent reconstructive surgery by Dr. Thomas Meeks and his surgical staff. From the initial consultation, Dr. Meeks continuously provided the most professional care throughout the entire process, consultation, surgery, recovery room, and post operative care follow-up. He, his lead RN, and his operating room “pro’s” corrected my eyesight to a full-field of vision for which I am extremely grateful.

Although there is a certain amount of apprehension associated with the “unknowns” a patient has with complex surgery, it immediately became obvious to me that Dr. Meeks, his staff and medical facilities offered the best possible choice for my medical needs. He and the operating room personnel are talented, disciplined to exacting protocol, and accept nothing less than perfection.

I can attest to Dr. Meeks’ talent as a plastic and reconstructive surgeon. My care and results were exceptional. I would encourage anyone seeking consultation about medical needs or surgery in the area of plastic and reconstructive surgery to first visit Dr. Meeks. He has my trust and confidence and is highly recommended without reservation.”

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